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Garrison Art Center (GAC) is a 501 (c) (3) not-for-profit arts and education organization. Since its founding, Garrison Art Center has become a vital community resource that actively promotes the arts and arts education in the Hudson Valley. GAC serves approximately 11,000 annually, mostly from the local community and six surrounding counties. Additional visitors and participants come from New York City, Connecticut, and New Jersey. 

Our Mission: 
Founded on the banks of the Hudson River in 1964, Garrison Art Center seeks to connect and enrich lives by cultivating an open environment for the creation and appreciation of art. 

Our Vision: Through education, exhibitions, and community outreach programs, our vision is to foster a vibrant, diverse community where art is everywhere and accessible for ALL to experience.

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Garrison Art Center’s galleries are supported by the generous contributions of members of the



            Established 2011

For more information on joining the Leadership Circle, please email


Chris Bockelmann and Floyd Norris

Bill Burback and Peter Hofmann 

Anita and Robert Jacobson

Belle and Blake T. Newton III

Pat Schories and Harry Bolick

Christopher Ventry & Earl Staley



Christopher Buck

Bill Burback and Peter Hofmann

Kim Conner and Nick Groombridge 

Marylyn Dintenfass and John Driscoll

Heidi Ettinger

Stacey Farley and Peter Davoren

Gregory Glasson and Mary Madden

Judith and George Lowry

Michael and Liza Musgrave

Annie Myers

Zanne and Gordon Stewart

Sheila and Rick Thurston

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