23 Garrison's Landing

Garrison, NY 10524


Open Tues-Sun, 10-5

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Summer Art Institute grades 9–12.

Due to the COVID 19 restrictions, we are are offering SAI@HOME. To see the offerings CLICK HERE.

The Summer Art Institute was established in 1998 by Carinda Swann to offer high school students artistic opportunities that may not be offered in their school programs. This pre-college program can provide total immersion in the making of art and a way for students to gain valuable skills that can prepare them for a college of the arts. Because many high school students have complicated summers with work and family commitments, we are offering more flexibility this summer. Although we still encourage participation in both weeks for maximum growth and sense of community, students may also attend one week or two, half-day or full.

During the program, high school students have a full range of our facilities, enabling the development of creative abilities under the guidance and encouragement of outstanding teaching artists. Provocative discussion with faculty and guest artists, field trips, and the strong support of risk-taking in a congenial environment give students the freedom to explore their ideas without limitations.

Each young artist advances their skills within a core curriculum with an emphasis on visual literacy and expanding the 21st Century skills—creativity, communication, collaboration, and critical thinking—considered crucial to successful participation in a rigorous working environment. Email Education Coordinator Kit Burke-Smith for more information and application. 

Our teaching staff for 2020 includes Carinda Swann, Lisa Knaus, Lise Prown, Melissa Schlobohm, and Eric Diehl.


The 2019 Summer Art Institute was sponsored in part by