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SITE School Invitational Theme Exhibition (1).png

Image of Samuel Bates' artwork 'Concrete' from the 2023 Mentor Program Exhibition.

The Mentor Program for high school students has provided, since 1988, a distinctive opportunity for committed high school students to collaborate with professional artists, fostering their growth in a specific area of interest. This unique pairing allows students to push the boundaries of their skills in a medium they are already proficient in and gain valuable insights from their mentor's professional experience. The program's culmination is a group exhibition showcasing the students' achievements.

Mentor - Mentee

Ada Pilar Cruz - Hudson Segnit

Alaina Enslen - Quin Carmicino

Brian Beaton - Samantha Quinio

Dan Loxton - Alexa Shuster

Emily Bicht - Kira Drury

Linda Barboni - Shea Phelan

Lisa Knaus - Eowyn Kolarek

Lise Prown - Lidianna Sierra

Lori Merhige - Mars Bess

Mary Helen Davis - Ella Zumbrook

Regina Gelfer - Maya Rejman

Sheryl Levine - Ella Saltzman

Trevor McKee - Charles Rowe

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