Power of Two: Mary & ussel Wright

The Power of Two featured the work individually and collaboratively of Mary Einstein Wright (1904-1952) and Russel Wright (1904-1976). In 1927 they became partners in marriage and in business. By the time of Mary’s death in 1952, their significant contribution to design in the 20th century was established, and Russel Wright was a household name. Their well-paired talents combined to be far more than the sum of two parts. With Russel’s innovative designs and commitment to “good design is for everyone” paired with Mary’s innovative talent as a marketing strategist and her unique sales skills, they pioneered a sea change in millions of American homes and laid the groundwork for today’s astonishing level of lifestyle branding. Given the unprecedented success of the Wright brand, it is surprising to many that both Mary and Russel’s early aesthetic passions lay elsewhere. Read more about Russel and Mary here.


The works shown in this exhibition attest to the clear aesthetic kinship of this complementary couple, whose innovations changed the lifestyles of millions. Often there is discussion among art and design experts on where the line between the two should be drawn. Mary’s letters to Russel, which show her participation in the design process, and her artistic talent evident in these early drawings make that line even less distinct.


August 29–November 8, 2015 in The Riverside Galleries at Garrison Art Center

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The Power of Two:

Mary Einstein Wright & Russel Wright

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Rodeo by Russel Wright

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