The Merkin Exhibition is wonderful. I knew you would do a great job, but this is spectacular. All of your hard work, effort and dedication shines throughout the gallery.--Cooky, friend of Richard Merkin


I had a great time at the camp and I enjoyed making all of the art. It was a great experience for me and it made me love art more than before.--Jerome, summer arts student


Thank you so much for the recent visit to the Starns brothers studio. It was inspiring and a great learning experience.--Mary and Greg, donors


Thank you so much for all your kindnesses at the time of my show. My wife and I were both so happy in this luminous, inspiring space. --Hide, artist


Thank you so much for your enthusiasm. I have never felt so comfortable among strangers. Everyone is so warm and welcoming. --Sharon, artist


I love the friendly environment and everyone is very talented here.--Katrina, high school Summer Arts student


I had an amazing experience at the teen camp and can't wait to use my new skills to generate even more art than I could have before. --Shannon, high school Summer Arts student


Summer ARTtots was non-stop creativity, fun and exploration! It was the perfect combination of encouraging and enriching my 3-year old's mind and spirit! --Katherine, Mom of a Tot.


Thanks to Garrison Art Center and art teacher Julie, with special assistants Lila and Anna, for Chloe's fabulously fun fairy birthday party! --Charlotte, parent

A lot of happy people come through our doors and the vast majority leave here even happier. And according to a handful, what they experienced here changed their lives. We hope you will sign up for a class or stop in for one of exhibitions in The Riverside Galleries--or just stop in to say hello and see our studios.