Grace Knowlton

CURRENT-- a biennial summer sculpture exhibition 


From CURRENT 2014 on the grounds of Boscobel House and Gardens:


Originally a painter, Grace Knowlton has traveled freely through various art forms, methods and materials, but is best known for her spherical sculpture made from both natural and synthetic materials. The series of spheres in CURRENT 2014 presents a range of materials from copper to wire mesh, stainless steel, cement and ceramic with various solutions applied to the shell-like enclosures or solid forms.  Exposure to the elements of nature combine to make the surfaces grow more visually evocative over time.


Gil Hawkins' work commissioned by Storm King Art Center founder Ralph E. Ogden in the early 1970s has significantly influenced his constructivist work since that time. The body of work Hawkins presents in CURRENT 2014 is a narration with the Hudson River as the main character. Two totems welcome visitors to the Rose Garden entrance, while a series of others around the Garden walkway tell their visual story as visitors make their way to the majestic Hudson River vista of the Boscobel grounds.


Proceeds from the sale of sculpture in CURRENT Summer Sculpture exhibition endow the Garrison Art Center's Gillette Scholarship Fund. It is because of the continued support of many arts supporters that the Art Center has never had to say no to a request for financial assistance.


Above: Grace Knowlton's spheres