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Bear witness to the COVID-19 pandemic and document via postcard 

  • Open to all artists of any age, anywhere in the world.

  • Postcard must be 4x6 and can be on any paper or board and in any medium as long as it can travel safely through the mail. Follow USPS guidelines for individual mail pieces.

  • The stamp and postmark are an anticipated part of the art, so please do not mail in an envelope. 

  • Art and/or text on both sides is welcomed.

  • Please put your name clearly on the front or back and (optional) include social media tag or website. 

  • Do NOT add your return address.

  • Mail to:
    Garrison Art Center, PO Box 4, Garrison, NY 10524 

  • Submissions accepted immediately and will continue to be accepted and added /rotated into display until Garrison Art Center can officially open up again. 

  • Submissions accepted from anywhere in the world, feel free to share this call with national/international friends.

  • Submitted postcards are considered a donation to Garrison Art Center in order to help with fundraising needs during this challenging time.  

  • Postcards will be photographed and exhibited on Instagram to be claimed by Instagram viewers offering a minimum $25 donation to Garrison Art Center. 20% of every donation will go to Fred's Pantry in Peekskill to assist those who are food insecure at this time.

  • Postcards and a photo or copy of the back will be hung in Garrison Art Center gallery windows to be enjoyed and contemplated by visitors to Garrison's Landing. 

  • Postcards will not be returned by mail, but if not claimed by a donor, can be picked up once the works are uninstalled.


Follow this exhibition on Instagram @postcards_from_a_pandemic.