The Art Center has been supporting emerging and established artists for over 50 years with annual exhibitions from mid-August through the end of June. Artists interested in exhibiting may send a proposal at any time. Click here for a proposal form.




The Riverside Galleries at Garrison Art Center



Elise P. Church

Mison Kim

Caroline Burton

Eric Erickson

Holly Sumner

Deborah Lecce

The Rule of Three

Steve Rossi

Patricia Miranda


Matt Frieburghaus

Douglas Navarra

Jill Shoffiett

Pam Marchin

Meg Hitchcock

Jill Enfield




Cali Gorevic

Visiting Artist Henry Klimowicz

Zachary Skinner

Susan Walsh

HELLO NEIGHBORImmersive Art Experience

Leslie Bender

Kurt Steger

Sharon Lindenfeld

Tad Wiley



Gudrun Mertes-Frady
Tamar Zinn, Tenesh Webber & Jaanika Peerna

Color Compositions curated by Marylyn Dintenfass
Pat Hickman 

Melinda Stickney-Gibson
Victoria Thorson

Karen Gunderson 
Dorothy Robinson

SVA vs. YALE  curated by James Siena

Collaboration with Magazzino works by Remo Salvadori, Marco Bagnoli, Domenico Bianchi

Michal Gavish
Eric Wagner



Steven Edson

Visiting Artists

Joel Perlman

Patrick Strzelec

Laura Kaufman

Mike Bayne

Petra Nimtz, curator, The Other Side of Things

Diane Dwyer    
Meg Lipke    
Fran O’Neill    
Christina Tenaglia
Julie Torres    
Sabine Tress

Marylyn Dintenfass

Etty Yaniv

Eleni LaSenna

Alexandra Eastburn

Charles McGill

Ivan Chermayeff

Tim Rowan



Tatana Kellner: Enigmatic Moments

Visiting Artist Sean Scully: BOOK

Don Nice: ICON

Chemistry: Explorations in Abstract Photography curated by Karlyn Benson

Ellen Carey

Jill Enfield

Anne Arden McDonald

Amanda Means

Wendy Small

S. Gayle Stevens

Christopher E.  Manning, curated by Thomas Huber

Kate Rogovin

Jaynie Crimmins

Brian Nice

Charles Luce

Juliet Martin

Melissa Schlobohm

Kenny Harris



The Vision of One / The Power of Two

Aileen Osborn Webb

Mary Einstein Wright and Russel Wright

Culture Clash curated by William Stafford

Dominique Palladino

Matt Van Asselt

Lulu Zhang

Brandon Ballengee

Susan Knight

Suzan Shutan

Jacqueline Shatz

Keiko Sono 

Crossing the Lines curated by

Margery Theroux

Paula Madawick

Julie Anne Mann 

Gabe Brown



Rob Swainston

Visiting Artist Judy Pfaff

REfUSE, curated by Thomas Huber 

Steve Rossi 

Peter Ianarelli 

Matt Harle

John Allen

Eleanor White

Chris Albert

Angelika Rinnhofer

Eleen Lin

Laura Moriarty

Louise Brooks, paintings

Cyrilla Mozenter, sculpture

Ivan Chermayeff, collages



Visiting Artist Dennis Kardon, paintings

Lorrie Fredette, sculpture installation

Kevin Klein, paintings

Nancy Cohen, sculpture and paper

Cali Gorevic, photography

Sean Scully Curates

Andrea Hanak, paintings

Frank Hutter, paintings

Liliane Tomasko, paintings

Stephen Cox, drawings



Group Ceramic Sculpture Exhibition

David Alban, Curator

Participating Artists

Linda Casbon

Megan Sweeney

Julie Tesser

Deborah Buck, paintings

Leonard Freed, photographs

Gene Garfinkle, paintings

David Hayes, paintings & sculpture

Marthe Keller, paintings

Janet Lage, paintings

Visiting Artist Melissa Meyer, paintings

Brian Nice, photographs

Tom Sarrantonio, paintings

Group Video Show

Greg Slick, Curator

Participating artists

Brian Doyle

Richard Kroehling

Marko Metamm

Mollie McKinley

Therese McPherson and Athena Torri

Brian Stinemetz

August Ventimiglia

CURRENT, invitational summer sculpture show on the grounds of Boscobel

Participating artists

John Clement

Tom Holmes

James Murray

Jeff Shapiro

Vladas Vildziunas



John Borrero, mixed media painting and sculpture

Peter Clark, mixed media works

Lorin Duckman, photography

Louise Dudis, photography

Enrico Giordano, mixed media paintings

June Glasson, watercolor paintings

Moses Hoskins, paintings

Setsuya Kotani, paintings

Susan Newmark, book art

Martha Posner, sculpture

James Sparks, paintings

Carlos Uribe, silkscreen prints

Sanders Watson, paintings


John Belardo

Scott Boyd

Jenne M. Currie

Grace Knowlton

Alex Kveton

Al Landzberg

Cal Lane

Martha Posner

David Provan

Judy Sigunick



Jill Skupin Burkholder, photographs

C.J. Collins, paintings

Lauren Schiller, paintings

Geoffrey Detrani, paintings

Leonda F. Finke, sculpture

Astrid Fitzgerald, paintings & assemblages

Matt Frieburghaus, digital media

Judith Hoyt, mixed media paintings and assemblages

Kirsten Kucer, drawings

Richard Merkin, paintings

Charles A. Platt, collages

Hong-Ling Wee, ceramic sculpture


Emil Alzamora

Leonda F. Finke

Kevin Forest

Mara G. Haseltine

David Hayes

Brett Hunter