Be inspired by Spring as we create mini colorful floral collages. Throughout the workshop we will be drawing, painting, and exploring the ease and beauty of paper collage. If you have never painted before, this is a great way to start. Experienced painters will find this a refreshing way to re-energize their art practice.   $30 (+ optional $20 Art Kit)

In this workshop, Emily will show you how to transfer an image to linoleum and create a relief carving to print from. She will cover different techniques to create areas of varying light and dark, depth and dimension, and how to distinguish which tools are best to achieve various textures. She will then demonstrate how to print your lino-cut from home using a wooden spoon and water based ink.  $30 (+ optional $5 Loaner Printmaking kit)


Our Teaching Artists are adapting and reinventing they way they work with students 

We are grateful that we have been able to offer Master Classes via Zoom for students who had already registered for Spring Session.  Now we progress into new class and workshop offerings online! 

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