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Hello, Neighbor

JUNE 1-23, 2019




GET INVOLVED! Come help us create installation elements in one of the free textile workshops. Local businesses, consider becoming a sponsor or offering up good or services for this month-long event. Click on IMAGES for information and BUTTONS to sign up!

One of our goals is to use recycled/reclaimed materials.
SEEKING:mannequin hand, old wooden drawers, old fence sections/planks, small shelving units, poland spring gallon-size plastic bottles, clear plastic and white bottle caps, cloudy soft plastic bottles (juice/milk) 

corrugated metal - rusted is good 
old rusty barrel, aluminum framed sliding window (around 48"X38")  textiles including t-shirts and sweaters in greens browns burgundy purple, wood, plywood, sheetrock, plexiglas, house paint: black, sky blue

2 wk use of pick up truck (if you never ask..)