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Save From the Landfill Sale

We are accepting gently used art and craft supplies for adults and children from now until April 20th.  The items will be sold at our EARTH DAY EVENT on April 21, 12-3 pm.

Donations will be accepted between gallery hours and can be brought to our office. Tue, Wed, Thur, Fri, Sun 10 am-5 pm, & Sat 12-5 pm. 


Please DONATE items including:

-paint brushes

-tubes of paint

-watercolor sets

-printmaking ink


-paper pads & blank journals 



-sculpture wire

- beads, buttons, etc.

-sculpture tools

-small wood scraps

-boxes/containers for organizing supplies


-oil pastels

-colored pencils

-drawing pencils


-unopened packages of modeling clay, Play Doh, etc.

-pipe cleaners

-art / craft kits


-easels & small studio furniture? 





1. Paints, inks or solvents with chemicals or heavy metals that have been deemed toxic such as: lead, cobalt, cadmium, barium and manganese, chromium, mercury turpentine and mineral spirits. 2. Opened cans of house paint

3. Expired materials

4. Spray cans of any kind

5. Items with mold (canvas, fabric scraps, paper, etc.)



*GAC reserves the right to turn away donations for various reasons. If you have any questions about acceptable items, please call GAC in advance (845)424-3960.

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