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Take A Stand, 2020, fabric, fiberfill, zipper, fishnet stockings,
tabletop, wooden stool, 61"x13"x13"


Tangible Site of Memory, 2019, paper, polymer gloss medium, 20”x16”

Leslie Fandrich

Strings Attached, sculpture and collage

March 26 - April 24, 2022
Opening Reception: Saturday, March 26, 5-7pm

Leslie Fandrich is an interdisciplinary artist whose work explores the relationship of parts to wholes. Parts integrate and merge to make new wholes that are still just parts. Sculptures and collages examine boundaries between home and body, reimagining space, subject, and object into familiar, but strange, compositions that hold opposite ends of a binary in tension. By disassembling furniture and domestic objects, she dissociates them from their original purpose and finds new ways to rebuild and piece things back together. Zippers are entrances and exits: mouths, vulvas, orifices, and wounds. Abstraction, the abject, and humor are devices that allow explorations into heavy emotional issues related to loss, love, and agency.


Her feminist practice explores how her cis-gendered female body has transformed through caregiving and how home can be a fractured, fragile and unsettled place. Sewn pillowy sacks and fabric books explore the physical intimacy and dependency that develops in the foundational relationships between parents and children. Fandrich explores the dialectics between two binaries, hard/soft or male/female, and investigates the space between them. That third space is what she seeks, a paradoxical place where two things can be true at the same time. Fandrich's understanding and acceptance of her queerness and bisexuality later in life has been critical to this work.

Leslie Fandrich is an adjunct faculty member at Dutchess Community College where she teaches Digital Photography and Drawing. She leads a critique group and mentors artists in the Artist/Mother Network and has been a guest critic, lectured, and facilitated workshops at SUNY New Paltz, The University of Connecticut, and The University of Missouri in Kansas City. Fandrich’s work has been exhibited at in Poughkeepsie, NY; the Strohl Art Center at Chautauqua Institute in Chautauqua, NY; The Carriage House at Thornwillow Institute, Newburgh, NY; Boston University Art Galleries in Boston, MA; Plug Projects in Kansas City, MO; Braithwaite Fine Art Gallery at the Southern Utah Museum of Art; and The Seligmann Center in Sugar Loaf, NY; as well as numerous venues and gallery spaces in the Hudson Valley of New York State. Leslie Fandrich received a Master of Fine Art from the Massachusetts College of Art and Design in Boston, MA, and a Bachelors of Fine Art from the Alberta College of Art + Design (nka Alberta University of the Arts) in Calgary, AB, Canada. Born and raised in Canada, Leslie immigrated to the United States in 1998 and became a US citizen in 2014. She lives in Warwick, New York.

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