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ARTIST TALK: Saturday, Feb. 26, 1:00–2:00pm     Reservations are required.


Blue in Green, 2021, Oil & oil pastel on canvas, 60 x 60”

“My work has always reflected an engagement with the natural world: sensations of personal experiences, filtered through the crucible of memory, make their way into the paintings in obvious and sometimes unconscious ways. Painting is an attempt to describe the ineffable. For me, the act of painting informs the development of the image. The dialogue that occurs each time a mark is made, and then what follows next, is an attempt to resolve al of the rumblings in one’s head toward making some kind of sense through this visual language. What makes a painting of interest to me, is when I arrive at the right balance of intention of uncertainty.”


Janice La Motta is a visual artist with a forty-year career as both a studio artist and an arts administrator. She has balanced a carer as a practicing artist while serving in the positions of curator at the New Britain Museum of American Art, New Britain, CT; as owner and director of Paesaggio Gallery, a contemporary fine art gallery later known as La Motta Fine Art, West Hartford, CT; and most recently as the executive director of the Woodstock Artists Association & Museum, Woodstock, NY. She considers her successes in her professional life and leadership roles due in part to her experience as a working artist. She has exhibited her work in numerous solo and group exhibitionsthroughout the country. A native of New Jersey, La Motta is a BFA graduate of the Hartford Art School, West Hartford, CT. Since 2015 she has lived and worked in Ulster County, New York.


A New Path to the Waterfall

February 5 - March 6, 2022
Closing Reception: Saturday, March 5, 5-7pm

In the fall of 2019, Janice La Motta had an epiphany upon reading an essay entitled "Of Power and Time,” by poet Mary Oliver. In it, Oliver speaks of the conditions required for the creative process. The last line reads, “The most regretful people on earth are those who felt the call to creative work, who felt their own creative power restive and uprising, and gave to it neither power nor time.” These words served as a clarion call and inspired a generous outpouring of paintings and works on paper.


The work in this exhibition represents a shift from La Motta’s formerly intimately scaled, memory-based paintings to an abstract vocabulary and an increased size. Investigations within pure abstraction allow for the opportunity to explore color in a more expansive manner as well as provide greater freedom in exploring the visceral qualities of paint. The act of painting informs the development of images and involves both conscious and intuitive decisions. Personal experiences ranging from observations of the natural world to discrete moments and memories find their way into the paintings in a suggestive manner.


Turn, 2020, Oil & oil pastel on Yupo paper, 26” x 20”

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CLOSING RECEPTION; Saturday, March 5, 5–7 pm

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