Salon des Refuse, curated by Hudson Valley artist Thomas Huber in 2014, featured artists from the lower Hudson Valley, who work with found objects and industrial materials. 


“In transcending everyday materials into art, the artists act as tricksters – forcing viewers to confront and reconsider the objects out of context.” -Thomas Huber 

The show was inspired by the avant-garde artists Marcel Duchamp and John Cage and the expansive artistic philosophy of Robert Rauschenberg, among others.The exhibition celebrated the recycling of materials, as well as creative ideas as they are passed from generation to generation. The title of the show made reference to the exhibition “Salon des refusés” of 1863, an exhibition in Paris of paintings refused by the French Academy where the 19th century artist Edouard Manet created a scandal with his painting “Le dejuener sur l’herbe”. This set the stage for Duchamp and others to depart from the artistic conventions of their time and radically change the course of art history.

“In our post modern world, recycling and reuse of ideas as well as objects has become an important aspect of art theory and practice. Combining various seemingly unrelated ideas creates new ways of seeing and understanding ourselves and the world around us.” -Thomas Huber

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Angelika Rinnhofer


Karlos Carcamo 


Steve Rossi        


Peter Iannaralli    

Matt Harle            


James Murray            


Chris Albert


Eleanor White    


John Allen

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Salon des Refuse


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