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The lost land by Jill Shoffiett


Bridges, Battlegrounds, and Swimming Pools
August 8 – September 13, 2020

Bridges, Battlegrounds, and Swimming Pools, watercolor and ink paintings by Jill Shoffiett, depicts landscapes and interiors that explore the human psyche through themes of survival, decay, identity, tragedy and triumph. There is an edgy, apocalyptic quality to Shoffiett’s work.  Born in Mississippi, her work is heavily influenced by her family history and southern roots.

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Animals by Jill Shoffiett
Catapult by Jill Shoffiett
Pam Marchin


Monkey Bars
August 8 – September 13, 2020

Monkey Bars, by Pam Marchin, is an exhibition of Sculptures, Monotypes and Transfer Drawings that represent Marchin’s commentary on human frailty and the balancing act that is life. The central focus of the exhibition is a grouping of small, fragile, interrelated sculptures that speak in one voice. Her work is influenced by many years of working as a geriatric nurse and witnessing first hand a patient's physical challenges and forbearance.


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Untitled by Pam Marchin