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Garrison, NY 10524


Open Tues-Sun, 10-5

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(above, left to right: work by Keiko Sono, Judy Pfaff, work from Sean Scully's curated exhibition, Romanticism.)


"If the world, in its worst-case scenario, became a giant supermarket, the romantic spirit would find and celebrate mystery, in the shadows cast by boxes standing in relentless rows, on its shelves.This spirit will always rise, even if it lives in a corner." --Sean Scully


Suspended Carbon was a site-specific installation by Keiko Sono in the Balter Gallery in 2015. Click on the photo above to see a short video of Keiko "painting" with soot.


Following on Garrison Art Center's community event, Steamroller Printmaking, Judy Pfaff's exhibition of prints was in the Riverside Galleries in 2014. (To view the video of Judy Pfaff's gallery talk at the Art Center, click on the photo above.)


In 2013 Garrrison Art Center was honored to have Sean Scully curate two young artists from Germany in an exhibition of paintings: Romanticism. A gallery catalog was produced for this special exhibition (view the catalog at the link above). To purchase a copy of the catalog please contact the Art Center. In 2016 Sean Scully returned for a solo exhibition BOOK.