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Circus Worker
Silver Gelatin Print
11" x 14"

Alfred Schwartz

No Parity, Photography

May 7 - June 12

Opening Reception: Saturday May 7, 5-7 pm



Alfred Schwartz grew up the only child of Romanian immigrant Jews, who found safe haven in Sea Gate Brooklyn, just West of Coney Island. He developed an early interest in photography and the rich tapestry of New York City became his favorite subject matter.

He became a dentist and while maintaining that career as his “day job”, he kept his passion for photography alive and was active in the New York photographic scene.


He studied under and became close friends with the influential social realist photographer and founder of the “Photo League” Sid Grossman and documentarian/innovative street photographer Lisette Model.

Schwartz had a lifelong love of the architecture and commercial signage of NYC and a passion for capturing human subjects in their element. He coupled this with great technical skill both through his camera lens and in the darkroom.

The prints in this exhibit range in time between 1950 and 1994 and in subject from sharp social commentary to sensitive street portraiture and poignant urban landscapes revealing one man’s vision seeking a common denominator in every man’s humanity.

Car Rows, Downtown Manhattan 
Silver Gelatin Print
11" x 14"
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