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Art Film Series

Enlighten your Friday evenings with screenings from Paul Tschinkel's Series on Contemporary Art

Fridays starting at 5:30pm, Admission $10  
Art Center Members FREE
Informal dialogue with Paul Tschinkel afterward. We'll pop the corn.



April  8 - Elizabeth Murray | April 15 - Nan Goldin | April 22 - Laurie Anderson


April 8

Elizabeth Murray ART/new york - No. 29
29 min. (c) 1989 Inner-Tube Video 

Elizabeth Murray, the late, but profoundly important artist working in New York since the late 60’s. Murray died in 2007. During her lifetime, she produced a large body of work that is dazzling with innovation. Murray introduced the shaped canvas and filled it with abstracted images that allude to recognizable, personal subject matter, such as cups, rolling pins, ordinary chairs that are found in American kitchens, living rooms etc. She also painted female body parts, representing an all too often neglected feminist perspective and aesthetic. Her imagery includes a large 10 foot uterus that she paints in this film. (1988) Murray later gravitated to Pop images in her work that are playful, imaginative, colorful and funny. Major museums like MoMA, The Whitney Museum of American Art, and many others have mounted major exhibitions of her work over the years. Paul Tschinkel created and produced the first film on her in 1989 that includes an interview with Murray in her studio in 1987. 

April 15

Nan Goldin ART/new york - No. 47
28 min. (c) 1997 Inner-Tube Video

This program features Nan Goldin’s celebrated 1996 mid-career photography retrospective at the Whitney Museum of American Art. Goldin’s exhibition filled an entire floor at the Whitney Museum with pictures that chronicle her involvement and fascination with the alternative, “downtown” culture of New York City, Boston, Berlin, Tokyo, etc. Culled from a period that spans more than 25 years of taking pictures, Goldin’s desire to make a visual diary of her friends and lovers, as well as her own life, makes for a moving, highly charged, visual experience. This exhibition was organized by curator ELIZABETH SUSSMAN and selected by NAN GOLDIN and her life-long friend and colleague DAVID ARMSTRONG. Included are interviews with NAN GOLDIN and MARVIN HEIFERMAN, a curator/publisher and a director of LOOKOUT in New York City. 

April 22

Laurie Anderson ART/new york - No. 54
55 min. (c) 2001 Inner-Tube Video

Laurie Anderson is best known as a performance artist who uses music, technology, handmade instruments, words, film, actors and props to tell her tales. Although Anderson describes herself as a “story-teller,” her performances are rich in visual imagery and have often been presented in art galleries and museums. ART/new york has been a fan of Anderson’s work for some time and on this program we see an exhibition of early pieces taped in 1984 at the Queens Museum and a 1998 installation at Artists Space in New York City. Included are two lengthy interviews with Anderson: one in her downtown loft and a second one in 1999 shortly before her performance of “Moby Dick” at the Brooklyn Academy of Music. Also included is an interview with RoseLee Goldberg, a performance art historian and author of a recent Abrams book on Anderson.


Paul Tschinkel is a painter with an MFA from the Yale School of Art and Architecture. In the early 1970s he turned to video as an art form and thus became one of the first video artists in this new medium.  After showing video pieces in New York galleries, he turned to the fledgling New York cable system (Manhattan Cable downtown and Warner Cable uptown), producing a half hour weekly arts program – a gallery on television.  From 1974 to 1979 Paul “Tschinkel’s Inner-Tube” was devoted to conceptual and narrative video art pieces. 


In 1979, Tschinkel turned from taping in his studio in SOHO to recording and producing live Punk/New Wave music from New York clubs. This program, which ran from 1979 to 1984, presaged MTV and was the seminal Rock show that featured music from CBGB’s, The Mudd Club, Max’s Kansas City and many other venues in New York. It presented many young bands like the Ramones, Mink de Ville, The Cramps, The Heartbreakers, The Dead Kennedy’s among many others. 


In 1979 Tschinkel also created and produced a documentary series called ART/new york, that today consists of over 68 programs on contemporary art and artists.  This ongoing series features artists such as ELIZABETH MURRAY, LOUISE BOURGEOIS, CHUCK CLOSE, JEFF KOONS, JEAN MICHEL BASQUIAT, KIKI SMITH, NAN GOLDIN and many more.  Tschinkel's series has been screened in major museums, such as The Whitney and MOMA, and on television in the US and Abroad.  These programs have become important historic documents of the New York Art culture over the past 35 years.