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SITE: School Invitational Theme Exhibition: You Are Here

High School Mentor Exhibition

Exhibition Dates:  March 25 – April 2, 2023

Opening Reception: Saturday, March 25, 1-3 pm

SITE: School Invitational Theme Exhibition: You Are Here

School Invitational Theme Exhibition, SITE, is one of our longest-running outreach programs for grades K - 12 at Garrison Art Center.  SITE is a program that encourages teachers of Hudson Valley regional, elementary, middle, and high schools to engage their students in a theme-based project to be exhibited at the Art Center.  Garrison Art Center’s goal for 29 years has been to encourage students in cross-curriculum learning while supporting artistic confidence by allowing them to exhibit their work.

From the beadwork and basketry of the Lenape to the famed Hudson River School paintings to the colorful installation art of Judy Pfaff, our region has always fostered a rich and diverse crop of art, design, and architecture. This year 13 schools are participating, and we encouraged the schools and students to explore the art and design of the Hudson Valley for You Are Here, our 2023 School Invitational Theme Exhibition.



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Mentor Exhibition 

The Mentor Program allows dedicated high school students to be paired with professional artists to further their development in an area of special interest. The Mentor Program is unique, enabling students to challenge themselves in a deeper exploration of a medium in which they already have proficiency and to gain insight from their mentor’s professional life experience. 


This year we have 13 students paired with 13 artists. Students were selected based on their proposals' merits, strengths, and clarity. From their proposals, the students were paired with a mentor. Under the guidance of a mentor, the student experiences the art-making process from conception to execution, creating a specific piece or body of work and advancing their existing skills. The Mentor Program makes a valuable contribution to the creative futures of local youth and the vitality of the Art Center’s community.  The program runs primarily on the generous, volunteered time of the artist mentors. 

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