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59 Views of the Hudson Valley: A Fine Art Auction on Garrison's Landing, May 13, 2023


 On May 13th, Garrison Art Center will host a Spring Auction fundraiser on the historical Garrison's Landing. It is our 59th anniversary, and we want to celebrate by highlighting the many magnificent vistas of the Hudson Valley through an event titled "59 Views of The Hudson Valley". For the event, we partnered with Putnam County History Museum, which has graciously prepared artist resources of historically significant landmarks in the area. The concept is that artists will compose from direct observation to create Hudson Valley architecture and landscape-inspired art in various styles, from sculpture to painting, at the locations of their choice.

Our reception and live auction, featuring Nicholas Lowry of Swann Auction Galleries and Antiques Roadshow, will be held on May 13th. Attendees of our annual fundraiser will be engaged in a Live Auction of artworks in a variety of styles inspired by the beautiful landscapes and architecture of the Hudson Valley. This event serves as our largest board-led fundraiser of the year and is significant for us to reach our annual fundraising goals as a non-profit organization.

This year, to continue our region's long plein-air tradition, we welcome artists to submit one piece created at or inspired by cherished spots of their choosing around the Hudson Valley. And we are particularly excited to partner with some very special sites offering exclusive, unprecedented access for our artists to work. After registering for a site, each artist will create one artwork specifically for the event. 


Locations, dates, and times for on-site painting  Here

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